Thursday, January 11, 2007

Eighth World Wonder *

There was fog all around, a thick and heavy mass covered them up, making the atmosphere somehow illusionary.
Ifee thought for a second that heaven should be just like that: blurry with such blessings all over her skin.
"Is that what it feels to be in the clouds?" she whispered to herself.

She has been there sometimes on sunny days, and the difference was beyond belief. Funny how the weather can be bipolar.
She thought about this opportunity they are missing, and wanted to feel sorry for him, but the opacity of the air pleased her in a way she couldn't quite understand. Maybe because it made her tears diaphanous...
Numbness gained her heart progressively while the pain decreased to a point where she couldn't even feel her own self.

She brought him over there because she knew how important it was for him. Since the beginning she has always tried to offer him nothing but happiness. "Pure" is how he defined her. Somehow she felt like she had failed.

Keith, the photographer, came all this way to take pictures of the panorama everybody has told him about.
But today, the mountains refused him their beauty, just like she refused him her love last night.
This was an unfortunate situation, though Keith didn't go through all this adventure to resign himself to disappointment:
he decided to capture this emptiness. Life is not quite about expectations, he opined, reality is what makes it real.
He called it "White", and he admired his genius for this proud eccentricity.

Ifee had disappeared. Even the guide's voice faded in the thickness. The last thing he remembered vaguely was his warning about the cliff being particularly hazardous today. He could only imagine how beautifully wide whatever was behind this wall must be... though it remained unknown to him... and scary.
He called out her name, and paused...wasn't she afraid of heights anyway?


She was right behind him.

-You're crying.

He reached her cheek and she shivered at the contact of their skin. And he kissed her.
Time stopped right there. On the top of the world. And for once, they were on the same page.

-I have a gift for you, Ifee.
-Me first.

When she got hers, she cried again. But it was her last tears. He did love her after all. she knew it when she saw her gift tattooed on his dead body. But it was too late. Though she'll live having this compensation.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Call Me Insane,
Call Me Beautiful,

I'll Kiss you Goodbye
You'll Love Me [for the rest of our days.]

Saturday, November 11, 2006

a two players game


To me you’ll always be.
To you I may be wrong.


I’ll die thinking I’ve lived,
have touched ones soul,
embraced ones pain...

and here I am, singing in vain.


I’m not perfect.
I have my fears,
I have secrets.

the world isn’t what I seek for.
I’ll tell you this, and walk away.


To you I may have been
and you’ll be mistaken,

You’ll die thinking you’ve lived,
have touched ones soul,
embraced ones pain...

Here you are, healing in vain.

You are wrong trivializing our strength,
Some tales are unwritten…

You’re not perfect.
You have your fears,
You have secrets.

My world wont be what you’ll seek for.
I’ll tell you this, and die today.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


hiding from you may save me pieces of nobleness
as well can do drowning myself
killing my past might save my soul
What am I to protect yours?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Sometimes I’m white,
Sometimes I’m blue…

I mostly taste like the morning mist…
Droplets of tears on my fingertips

I mostly taste like paradise,
Feathers from my wings,
show the lead if listened...

Take your time,
And bring me gifts:
Stories of ones lives…
Stories I’ve never heard

Sometimes I’m green,
Sometimes I’m brown…

I mostly taste like rum-raisin…
Sugar-cane syrup on my hips…

Grap some sparkles from outside,
Bring me stories from your trip.

I mostly taste like guayava
Mountains of foggy tales…kisses and cults

Come closer and touch my skin.
You’ll hear sensual sounds of my embrace…
Come closer and reach my lips
Innocence doesn’t taste salty…

Tomorrow may never come
As yet eternity is unrated

Thursday, October 12, 2006

failure II

Petite fille qui viens d'ici,
quand te fatigueras tu de parler
Il n'y a plus rien a dire,
Il n'y a plus rien a prouver

Petite fille qui viens d'ailleurs,
quand te fatigueras tu de marcher
Il n'y a plus rien a voir
Il n'y a plus rien a savoir

petite fille de chez moi,
quand te fatigueras tu de pleurer
Il n'y a plus rien a regretter
Il n'y a plus rien a vouloir

Si le soleil se leve encore,
c'est que le ciel t'a epargnee
Tu sais ce que tu as a faire

Et si jamais... S’il s'ammene encore,
c'est que tu es aimee
Mais tu sais ce que tu as a faire.

Alors ma fille ne faillit point

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

sixieme etoile

Comme une sixieme étoile.

Si elle n'est que folie, elle est pourtant si belle!
Comme le chant des oiseaux ou le bleu de tes yeux.

Si je ne suis que moi, alors emmenes moi danser
sous ces clins d'oeil lactées
Emmene moi danser à en perdre la tête.
Je te pardonnerai ta couleur de perle
Et toi, mon gout de caramel.

Si je ne suis que moi, alors touche ma peau
Dis moi qu'elle te rappelle mes terres, mais aussi les tiennes

Parce que si je ne suis que moi, c'est que je suis a toi.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


On se ressemble, on se rappelle...
Mes mots restent, et ton regard est éternel...
Ecoute se noyer le vert de mon ombre...

Alors que je suis tienne, dis moi encore pourquoi tu m'aimes.

Monday, August 07, 2006


je te retrouve,
qu'importe le temps qu'il fait.

Alors que le ciel, sombre d'orages me recouvre de son gris menacant,
je compte les éclats des gouttes qui se brisent en un désordre
délicieux contre le verre...

Oh que j'aime ton souffle tout contre moi.

Il est loin encore, mais la pluie me le rapporte.
je sens s'hérissée ma peau
- cette fraiche buée- ce chaud baiser... ta main qui m'explore

Oh que j'aime ta complicité...
La pluie me fait sienne et me rapporte ton touché

tout- autour de moi- te rappelle

Oh que je t'aime près de moi.

De la folie, c'est ce que tu es.
et je me refuse à tout attachement
Mais Oh que j'aime ton désir- ton envie- ton amour!

Monday, July 17, 2006


Je veux bien croire que j'ai grandi,
Maintenant que je sais que je me cherche encore,
Maintenant que je sais à quoi j'aspire
Parles moi de tes rêves,
j'en ai telement envie...
Montres moi les couleurs que tu chéris.
Dis moi pourquoi suis je,
moi qui n'égale pourtant pas ce monde
en qui tu crois tant,
celle pour qui tu veuilles bien tant oser...

Saturday, June 17, 2006

du soleil et de la dentelle

Du soleil et de la dentelle,
je pense a toi et m'impatiente

Des fleurs dentellees et de la lumiere,
je t'imagine et j'espere...

ton visage m'est flou mais je connais ton sourire,
ton humour et ton entetement.

Du soleil et de la dentelle...

Mon reve m'entraine et me rapproche...

Un rayon et tout se mele,
ton doux souvenir et de la chaleur...

Je me reveille et j'aime.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Last call

As I love you,
My heart is fallen apart....
Fading through an everlasting emptiness.

Your name is so far away...
like it never existed.
your existence hurts me.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tomorrow it will be

I will not cry no more
Baby there's no more tears in there for you
For what we had and no longer share.

Baby it's done and I'm away
Probably depending on my lonely self
Memories are no longer allowed
Caus' of the pain that comes along.

Baby I will not cry, not even regret our past
Caus' after a day, there's another one
New happiness in horizon
The happiness you where affraid to have.

People change, so do I
So you better move on and let me be on my own
Letting those sweet sadness on their way
To color other's world.

I'm no longer that other.
I've known enought of that
to be seeking for much better.

Tomorow it will be
Happilly will it be,
my Love.


Project Script

Chapter I scene x (this scene is in 2003, a little after the decision of Bush transpassing the UN's decision against the war. in Haiti, all the universities are closed and all the students are "walking" with all the population anti-lavalas. Their mouvement is called GNB following the lead of a member of "groupe184", Andy Aped. they are asking for the ex-Priest, Aristid to leave the presidency.

Characters: Ifee, Martine (teacher's assistant in the class of history&geo, in litterature but also in phylosophy) , Mr E (Ifee's favorite teacher of histo/geo, litterature and phylosophy)...and classemates.

Ifee- Too complicated. What if the world was one big joke? Everything seems to be based on some logical order. that famous rule of life called causality and consequences. A multitude of papers has been written to define the law and so, to determine a justice that everybody would know the line to follow and to certainly not go through. Crap! those who write the law are also those who juge themself beyond the justice.

Martine- I hope that you re not gonna tell this to the examiner!

Ifee- (laughting): why not? it's the truth!

Martine- humm, yeah, but the frenchs are very diplomatic.

Ifee- so? it's a fact. Besides, they hate americans, they really would appreciate one another un-foolish person who desagree with their politics.

Martine- you mean, you are excluding them of those who juge themself too powerful to respect the law?

Ifee- hey, France is, at least, less pretentious.

Martine- listen to you!

Ifee- what? i m not affaid of saying what i think.

Martine- that is great, but girl, you have all your life to say what you think. now, you have to pass your exam.

Ifee- they gonna agree with me.

Martine- maybe, but it's not a matter of saying what they believe, it's a matter of saying it brilliantly.

Ifee- (with a mocking smile, faking indignation) are you saying that i m not brilliant?

Martine- what i m saying, is that you better practice your arguments. they won't care if you are for or against the war, you better be worried about if you are ready for the Oral exam!

and Martine push her friendly toward the door. Ifee was late for the class of Mr E, witch was Phylosophy today. She oppends the door with an embarrassed smile, they were in a middle of an expose. she asked with a shy regard to the teacher if she had the permission to come in and as the students were still talking, he showed her by a sigh of the hand her empty chair.

Yanah: (wispering) where were you!

Ifee:(wispering) with Martine, i hade an oral with her.

Yanah:how was it?

Ifee: (ironically) as always, she doesn't want to admit that I'm a genious and that I'm right and she's wrong.

yanah: (rolling her eyes) what was it again?

Ifee: you know as a friend you should be on my side!

Yanah: I am, but Ifee, you should take the exams a little more seriously.

Ifee: ouh... I know that. it's just more fun when you are faking to be more sensitive to the subjects.

Yanah: (laughting) you mean you are not!

Ifee: (laughting) what? you think i care about....

Mr. E: Ifee!

Ifee stoped laghting and put an angelic smile on her face and waited to hear the questions that was coming along just for her.

Mr. E: Christian thinks that the students are doing a good job walking on the street to speak their minds. we know that those demonstrations are leading into nothing but violent reaction of the govenment's partisans. what do you think?

Ifee: humm.... i think that... the opposition should stop pretending, and they should react also.

David: but that's the whole point.

Christian: this is all the difference, this is what makes us greater then them!

Alex: yeah, and anyways, Ifee This is our reaction!

Ifee: for what? for getting killed?

Chistian: no for our beliefs.

Alex: For showing them what is the true value of ideas, perseverence and
courage. this is how we fight so they can feel that they are the ones who s doing it wrong.

Ifee: are you kidding!!!! didn't you notice? they are not gonna understand this language, they are a bunch of uncivilized savage. what? you want to show your nobble heart and fight for an humble idea?! you know that you are not even going for the same reason as everybody, no body has the same reason anyway.

Mr. E: well, of course no, each personn has his own reason, Ann may go for the fun of it (the class laght),some for the governement, some for curiousity, some for the victims but at least everybody has one thing in common, they want it to changed.

kara: so what are you saying? we should not continue with the demonstration?

Ifee: no, just kill them all!

All: oh!!!?

as they were talking, Ifee standed up seemed really mad. and everybody was shocked by her words. all the class was looking at her with horrible eyes and mr. E starts to laught.

Christian: no... by doing that, you are proving that you are just like them.

Ifee: and die?

Bertrand: you can't be serious! we have been walking for months now, and we can't just give up like that. we could change our tactics.

Ifee: (sarcasticly) oh yeah, you want to negociate?

Christian: so you really don't believe in those strikes?

Ifee: i did, during the first weeks. but after all those days, i ve been tired of being worryed. i have a baccalaure to pass! i can t be stressed because of those shiet! the priest is not going to give up the power like that, you have to face it guys, what are we waiting for?

Alex: so you want to go there with guns?

Sam: wow, Ifee you are impressive.

Ifee: oh c'mon, we could just blow the country up with all haitians and then rebuilt everything after!

Bertrand: and aren't you haitian?

Ifee: so? i don t care. i deserve it too.

Mr. E: (mocking) so ladies and gentleman, we have a fascist in the class who wants to blow up all the country.

Ifee: oh really Mr E, don't you think it s kind of childish to wait and hope that the americans are gonna come and save us? we are here, and we are the one who has to respond.

Bertrand: and your answer to this is starting a war?!

Ifee: hello!!! the war has already begin. can't you just face the facts that the lower class outside, is attacking us because they think that they have the right to do so?

Bertrand: it all started because of people like you concidering them as lower class and uncivilized.

Ifee: in all the countries of the planet, class distinction exists, why is it a huge problem in haiti? and in case that you didn't notice, they do conduct themself as uncivilized creatur. and i dare you to say that throwing rocks on people, cuting heads and burn cars is normal.

Mr. E: and it s exacly the right moment to show them some exemple, if we want this to really change, including that class prejudice we have some sacrifice to make.

Ifee: witch would be our lives? oh I'm sorry, but they really don't deserve that kind of honnor.So...what? I m going to offer myself singing "Jesus help us" and they gonna attack us as they desire?

sebastien: you desapoint me Ifee, i thought you were more smart then that.

Ifee: smart?! what ever! (she sit down on her chair)

Yanah: (wispering) you can't be serious! you really think so?

Ifee: well, it s a great idea... but no, c'mon i m kidding. this debate was dead anyway.

ps: the scene is in the class of phylosophy, and the students are talking about the actual situation of haiti.
Ifee shows her paradoxal personnality: her natural instinct of violence, when she declare herself against war.
she thinks it s fair defending herself by fighting back. but she believes in justice because she's against the war (the dialogue with martine).

she proves that, she s not always pround of her thoughts (unlike what she said to martine), because she's passed it as a joke when she really were mad about that whole pacific idea.
.....etc [to work on more]

Project Script 1

Chapter I, scene 1: The English exam.

Main characters:Ifee, the examiner, Yanah, the little Arabic girl.

(Camera zooms on a paper, someone is writing a text, and a feminine background voice is reading the story. As the story keeps going, the camera is following each word. And through the text, the view is fading to redefine itself inside the story.)

“ The air was suddenly hard to breath, and it took me a little while to realize that it was the sand who was keeping me from getting the oxygen properly. Also, coughing was never that irritable then this right moment when I have found myself in some inexplicable whirlwind after an unnatural experiment. For some reason, I couldn’t remember what was I doing in this place and why was I there. I just felt tired enough to not try harder to understand the circumstances.
I huddled up to keep my face from the fierce wind that was, besides, a little too loud to know what was going on beyond that. And as the noise was fading to a heavy silence, I listened my heart beats going faster and faster. A sudden anxiety gains me and I was, once again, lost in a middle of no where.

A horrible screech witch I thought for a moment was my heart drag me out of my stubbornness and forced me to lift up my eyes to what I wish would never see again.
I was in a battlefield and what I thought was sultry was not only the heat but also the decomposition of thousands of dead bodies lying all over me. And suddenly, everything became clear: I was in a middle of the war, where I wanted to be.

Everything was now happening and I was there today to save a person, someone I wanted out of that disaster and who will die if I wasted one more second to figure out how I was there.
And without thinking to one more word, I threw myself out of the corner were I was hiding so far, to run toward the other side of the road where I should from there, find my way to the base.”

Ifée ran thought the large field toward a building half destroyed. Explosions were blowing every 2 seconds, and some marines were running back and forth yelling orders and shooting toward the other side of the front. She bumped a little into every busy soldiers on her way too occupied to noticed her. And slip over the not too scarce scraggy bodies on the floor.
On the other side of the building she found some civil hiding against the wall, children and women running and screaming: the other street was also on fire and shot guns were blowing from every corner of the streets, she run as fast as she could to avoid the danger, but it was all over.

When she finally find herself far enough to take a pause to breath, She took from her pocket, a piece of paper, an address was written on with the name of the base her friend was affiliated to:
“4th Infantry Division, Striker Alfa 713.”

She noticed a little girl hiding behind a box, her face was black with dust and burn and the camera is zooming in on her wet eye. Ifée step forward offering her hand and whispered:

“-The military base?”

But the girl starts crying and stepped off protecting her face with her little arms. Ifée freazed a couple of seconds when realises that the girl was getting more terrified the more she insists to consolate her. looked down and realizes her uniform .camera is looking up to her face.
The pen is still writing:

“I was one of them now, a US marine, all I ever wished for the past 7 years of my life, and this girl was looking at me as the worst thing that could happen into her life, I was the Enemy.”

Back to the present reality, a masculine background voices telling in french;

“-Déposez vos plumes!”

Ifee put down her pen, she looks frustrated. The examiner passed by to take the paper. As he continues talking, Ifee looked at her friends all over the room. Some look tired, some look really stressed , some look satisfied so is Yanah and as she questioned her friend with the eyes, they agreed and Yanah winked.

Ps: the scene is on a classroom but it’s only obvious at the end, when she heard "déposez vos plumes!"

The scene starts with the hand, writing the story on a white paper with squares (french typical paper) with a blue fountain pen.
The dream scene is a little unrealistic with dark colors, black and white or beige to be considered. The sound is going back and forth to show her effort to focus.

But at the end it became clear and colorful. the absence of noise before was accentueted by the fact it became very noisy in the yard, it was like she was whispering the story like she was affraid of people around her would hear it.

the scene is gonna continue with a "after exams" atmosphere, all the group is going to celebrate the end of the exams. and the atmosphere is gonna abruptly change into the war scene were Samoa is filmed in the middle of a real battle. the noises are nothing compared to the dream that Ifee had in the english exam. *

*i wonder if the parallele so quickly establish would destroye the surprize effect at the end? and/or my goal of hiding the true life of Samoa.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

My love letter to you

i want to find my way home....

today is my time of glory, i m running out of [nothing] and there is the sun always..... following me.
tell me that there is no more pain in your eyes.
i feel useless
but free.
touch me and tell me things,
we'll follow the wind trough its destiny.
and we'll die far away from home.
knowing that we lived, knowing that our soul will always be.... immortal
this is my love letter for you.
i've seen you on your splender horse,
i ve seen your sword that will betraide his king.
how many felt like me? trapted in another century?
this world is not mine, but at least i have you....
even if i m a stranger,
i ll follow...... just let me be just let me be the guide.

let me be your Angel

I can hear you whispering into my ears
Your eyes are looking down as you are thinking about your words
I can hear your slow breath into my ears

I can read the stars in your eyes
... watching me, charming, watching me...

It's cold outside, but the stories are keeping me awake
letting me know that you are holding me so tenderlly
I can read your story in your face
So much kindness in your smile....
[I love you]
I forgot all the pain.
and you,
I want to tell you how special you are...

I'm affraid of tomorrow. how would it be ?

let me be your angel....
I'll show you the sky....
beyond heaven
let me be your angel,
I'll tell you my story,
I'll tell you what I read in your eyes.
I'll tell you
what it is that you're thinking
I'll tell you... who you are.

My wings

behind me I left so much
I run away from my origines.
the only Me that i knew.
running through the unknown
running toward the ennemies.
you are here, holding my hand,
asking me my love-
did you allowed yourself to love me?
did you allowed yourself to abandonned you sword?
I'm putting down my wings,
I'm giving away my immortality.

I'm just asking you to love me.

Stranger in a train

wake me up, i m in a hurry.
while i sleep,
through that window, you're watching me ,lying, exausted.

I'm a stranger but I know where I'm going
and with me you're riding the train toward Hell.

wake me up: I'm in a hurry!

I have peace in my face but my heart is not empty.
watch me as I sleep-
that moment won't stay long.
immagine how would it be to be the stranger you woudn't even see.
look into my eye,
there, I have my story written.

would you dare to tell me yours?

I'm blue

see how i m doin

look into my eyes
see me through my soul
i am no longer part you
i am myself
as you can see
colorful and so pure
and i m about to fly
guess who s i m leaving behind?
the other part of me
the one i couldn't dare to see
the one i couldn't dare to face...
i m leaving you behind
don't be sorry for that mirror
be sorry for yourself,
the images had been gone
faded through the hole
i am bleu
and you are nothing
i present you my apology
i have the world to see
other things...
i m leaving you behind

Kiss me

kiss me as i sleep
kiss me as i cry
take me under the stars' light
kiss me as i m uncapable to run
take me as i am by your side
kiss me as i sleep
kiss me as i cry
make me believe that you are no longer away
make me wanna be in your arms forever
i want to be you
i want to have your fears
i wish i was you. so you could be me
begging me to stay. begging me to not die

"i'm having you'r nightmares"
because of that hero
please foget me, my love,
i have caused you so much pain
and i hate myself to be the source of such a...

I'm not Fragil

don't worry
i m not fragil.
i lost something
and it hurt like hell
but i m alive,
i m smiling because
i v seen far away from now
that day...
i ve seen my lives...
i ve seen my futur
i ve seen so much then now
i ve seen my suicide.

Dear Knight

there is no feelings inside
i am dead
there is nothing left....
nothing but black and white memories
images of your war
images of my pain...
i feel empty like a floating [nothing]
and i m hearing my cry
my soul is lost because I'v been trying too hard to follow

that night i went too far...
that night was the end

am i too lost to be saved?
am i too lost to breathe again?

what happy miracle could reanime me?
who will it be this time?
now that i m empty of all my energy
i gave you my everything
i gave you... my everything!

hear my plead...dear knight
forgive my treachery
i abandoned and your faithfulness
you swore me your everlasting love
i wanted more then my own speculations
more then my fool illusions of love
hear my plead dear knight,
and run to me
i desperately need your guidance throught that path to the End

Vivement L'Amour

vivement l'amour que je m'envole...
que je laisse loin derriere cette tour
ou je suis prisonniere
que je l'aisse,
loin derriere, le sol
que tout redevienne sans barriere (frontiere)
sans sous-entendu
sans mal-entendu
je veux...
Que tu me revienne
que tu me dise que tu me veux tienne
que tu m'aimes comme je t'aime
que je t'aime comme tu m'aimes
je veux...

Vivement l'amour que je m'envole...
qu'il fasse nuit,qu'il fasse jour
je m'en irrai
que les rayons du soleil m'emportent
que la lumiere des étoiles me guident
qu'importe qu'il vente ou qu'il pleuve ou qu'il grele
je m'en irrai...
Et s'il le faut sans toi.
parce que je finis de languir
je sens deja la fraiche lueur de l'aube sur ma peau,
souffle la brise du petit matin
et deja j'ai gouté le gout de la liberté.
ALLELUA a la femme libérée

Cet Amour que j'aime

J'ai revé autrefois de cet amour extraordinaire
qui me donnerait des ailes
qui me gagnerait toute entière
a petit feu...
comme lorsqu'on a peur...
J'ai tant revé de cet amour
que j'ai pleuré toute ma soif
Interpelant les forces exterieures
J'ai tant revé... que je me suis vidée de tout autre sentiment
me laissant vide
moi et mon corps...
Et aujourd'hui que je t'aime,
que j'aime de toute mon ame, de toute ma peine
je pleure encore de cet amour
si fort, si grand, si pur, si puissant
que j'ai l'ame en morceau.
Cet amour que j'adore,
si doux...
cet amour que j'implore
car le seul toi que je vois m'est interdit.

election 2006, Haiti

posted Feb. 15, 2006 1:47 PM
Topic: un peut d'objectivite

Apres les elections du 17 Fevrier 2006 qui ont brillees par leur quasi perfection, la communaute internationale a felicite les autorites et organisateurs qui ont rendu possible le bon deroulement des elections en Haiti, mais aussi l'entousiasme qu'a manifeste la population d'exercer leur droit et pouvoir d'aller aux urnes voter le candidat de leur choix...

Alors que le CEP (Conseil Electoral Provisoir) annonce que les resultats finales seront exprimes dans trois jours, les resulats partielles sont publies de temps a autres de facont a ce que la population suive l'evolution du comptage des procets verbaux enrigistres. Cependant voila qu'aujourd'hui, une semaine apres, les resultats ne sont pas encore definitives.

Lundi 13 Fevrier 2006, une foule sort en rue, manifester du fait que le CEP n'ait pas encore publie les resultats finales. Alors que les resultats partielles n'ont pas l'air de progresser en la faveur d'une victoire absolue des le premier tour, parallelement, les chaines internationales ont deja declarer Preval comme etant le vainceur des elections.

Des milliers de partisants ont alors parade les rue de Port-au-Prince, exigeant la publication des resultats finales et la victoire de leur candidat. "Nous n'irrons pas au second tour, parce que nous avons vote en masse et la volonte du peuple est de proclamer Preval president de la Republique d'Haiti." Les manifestants ont alors baricade les rues avec des pneus et des carcasses de voitures arrosees d'essence.
Les manifestants en colere ne se sont pas pourtant montrer violent, ils ont juste lancer des propos hostils, arracher les pencartes de campagne des autres candidats a travers les rues de la ville, et forcer la barriere de l'hotel Montana pour y penetrer sous les yeux des autorites sur place, impuissants, mais aussi du Prix nobel de la Paix, le pretre sud africain, pere Desmond Toutou.
Apres qu'il ait salue amicalement la foule sympatique qui lui rendait ses salutations, du haut des balcons de l'hotel, s'est envoler pour la Dominicanie par helecoptere qui etait venu le secourir de cet envahissement...

La foule, qui n'a - parole d'un manifestant leader- pas ecraser un seul verre de l'hotel, s'est pourtant jeter tout habillee dans la piscine privee au prix de quelques semi-noiements. Certains ont meme profite de s'y savonner (bonne vieille habitude haitienne)...
Mais apres avoir visiter brievement une a une les chambres de l'hotel -a la recherche du president du CEP- la foule s'est retiree de l'enceinte de l'institution avec la meme grace qu'elle s'y etait introduite.
Suite a ce leger "derapage" on a supplier le candidat Preval de s'adresser a ses partisans. le secretaire Colin Powel- dire de M. Preval- a meme telephoner pour demander ce qui en est. Le candidat l'a tout de suite rassurer.... c'est que les Haitiens savent ce qu'ils veulent et ne recoivent d'ordre de personne...."je ne suis pas le maitre des Haitiens" nous ne pouvons pas les demander de ne plus manifester, ils sont en colere et c'est comprehensible, on peut seulement leur demander de continuer a manifester sans violence et dans le respect de la propiete privee d'autruie....
C'est vrai qu'apres le scandaleux envahissement de l'hotel Montana, l'un des plus prestigieux du pays, l'hotel s'est vu dans l'obligation de foutre dehors la UNOPS qui y avais louer une salle de Conference.

Rene Preval dans son discour a la presse, a inviter la population de continuer la manifestation dans le calme et respect des proprietes prives pour ne pas perdre la sympatie de la communautee internationale et de ne pas donner raison aux "jusqu'au boutistes" leur enemis qui s'attendent qu'ils soient violents. Preval leur a aussi assurer que le parti Lespwa s'occupera de la parti legale de la situation. et ainsi sur le coup, il conseille au CEP de ne pas publier les resultats puisqu'ils seront contester de toute facon.

Ainsi dans la meme journee, des bulletins de vote signes sont retrouves en masse , par des partisans de Preval, dans la zone de decharge de detritus aux abord de la route nationale #1. mettons entre parenthese qu'avant meme les elections, une enquete avait devoilee qu'il y avait des copie de bulletin de vote a Cite Soleil.
Le president de la Republique, Boniface Alexandre, a alors interdit au CEP de publier les resultats propose un recomptage et un nouveau comite compose de 2 membre du parti "Lespwa", 2 membres du gouvernement, 2 membre du CEP...

Friday, June 02, 2006

no longer Immortal

i've watched my suicide from heaven

i've seen my fallen'part ...
through the darkness

i'm naked of my soul

i've watched my suicide from the stars
i've done the forbiden sin

i am no longer immortal.

i've lost my guide...i've lost myself
i feel the frostbite of lonelyness
i feel the curse of humanity

i am no longer an angel